HIP Babylon Center - Why HIP centers don't work

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I have been with HIP Centers for over 30 years. The New Hyde Park Center had caring physicians and staff.

I recently changed to a Suffolk center due to a move. Had I known the horrible treatment I would receive or should I say lack of treatment, I would have never moved into that neighborhood. Instead of a "real" doctor calling with the results, you get a form letter in the mail. You get calls from ultrasound depts telling you the radiologist wants further testing.

Where are the doctors? Sleeping. I am now being sent for a biopsy and have yet after 2 sets of tests have a doctor call and tell me what is going on. 6 days after I take the second set of tests, I get a call that the computer is down but I have a cyst and didn't I get the letter.

Tonite at 10"30pm I am told on the phone that there is a 10% chance that I am going to have cancer. After I explained that my mother and sister would up with the cancer, I was told that was not good and I should pray. This is why HIP centers don't work. Administrators don't return calls.

Staff takes a private label meant for a chart with personal information on it and uses it for a mailing label. Doctors don't exist. There is several violations of patients rights. I have a right to sit down with a doctor to go over my options, treatment and understand what is happening.

There has been no doctor or consultation the whole month and half during which time all these tests were being done.

If you have a choice of insurance, opt out of HIP.

Care has gone south. There is none

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